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With our specialised training package, your front-line staff will be able to:

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Communicate in British Sign Language and directly engage with a Deaf person to establish their needs.


Respond directly to short queries enabling immediate communication with deaf people and ensuring quality delivery in an ideal timeframe.

Increase profits by attracting more Deaf customers to your deaf-friendly business!

Ensure that your service is compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and accessible for all deaf and hard of hearing.

Guarantee privacy of Deaf service users and provide one to one support.

Provide better customer service to one out of six customers who have a hearing loss.

Gain invaluable experience in BSL and learn a new language adding to their skill sets and language abilities.

Become a Deaf friendly business!

  • Deaf people will feel welcome in an environment where there are no communication barriers.

  • Deaf people will feel their time is valued when they can be assisted instantaneously and efficiently. Learning simple, basic BSL goes a long way!

  • Deaf people will feel independent and self-reliant when they can speak the same language of the front-line staff.

  • Deaf people will feel respected and equal to hearing customers in terms of privacy and accessing services.


Corporate Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language Courses

We can provide a customised course tailored specifically to the service provider’s requirements. Our sessions are designed to ensure cost-effectiveness and excellent customer service.

The course will cover:

  • BSL training days for staff members.

  • The teaching duration can be customised from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the requirements of your organisation and the availability of your staff.

  • A bespoke training package focusing on terminology that you regular use in your workplace. For example, medical jargon for hospitals, greetings for receptionists, etc.

  • All teaching can take place at your workplace and/or remotely (due to Covid19).

  • Consultancy to identify which services require qualified interpreters.

  • Refresher sessions will be provided and can be claimed for up to 6 months after the final session.

  • Provision of deaf volunteers to practice acquired skills.

  • You will receive a digital resource pack so that you can practice and refer to this at home.


Training Services

We offer British Sign Language training to people on a 1:1 individual level and to groups. This can be with the aim of learning it for pleasure/a hobby, to allow you to communicate with friends/family, for work purposes and more! In addition to being trained in British Sign Language, we offer tailored training for the services offered at your workplace/organisation. We provide Deaf Awareness Training and additional training to enable frontline employees to recognise when there is a need for sign language interpreters in areas where more specialised communication is required.

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