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Al Moubayed Brothers


“What if all Deaf people had access to services?”

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Providing Accessibility

Accessibility within organisations means that services, both the public and private, are as accessible as possible to all users and not limiting in any way. They should be made to be user-friendly and inviting.

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Training Services

AMB will provide a customised training package that equips Government staff to communicate in BSL, ensuring that services are accessible, and will provide excellent customer care for Deaf service users. Additionally, this is a cost-effective and time-efficient service for the Council.





We are proud to have collaborated with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, UAE to make their services more user friendly and accessible to the local and international deaf community

We are privileged to have met lots of amazing people, many of whom had never met a deaf person before. This can be quite daunting for many but thankfully, people do take the time to communicate with deaf people like me. Here is a video clip of a response to a question asking "What was it like to meet a deaf person?"

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Booking Options

Ask us questions, book British Sign Language lessons or collaborate with us to make our society a more welcoming and accessible to the deaf community.

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